2014-05-02 13.54.27

Hammer treats, anyone?

Right now, I’m at my parents’ house in Phoenix. By this time tomorrow, I’ll be in Haines. That’s something to look forward to, because the last few weeks in DC seemed to drag on endlessly with schoolwork, planning, and finishing up my other internship.  My supervisor at my part-time job (which was surprisingly graceful about letting me go for the summer) did go to the effort of making me a Rice Krispie Treat shaped like a hammer (pictured).

It did seem like the East Coast didn’t want to let me escape, because my initial 4 PM flight from BWI to Dallas was cancelled due to weather. Fortunately, I got lucky and got out on a flight to Charlotte that was due to leave at 8:30 PM, but that one was delayed because we were waiting on the crew. Naturally, I had showed up at BWI ridiculously early that afternoon because I was getting tired of sitting home being anxious, so all told, on Monday I spent 15 hours in airports and on airplanes, and I finally arrived in Phoenix at 12:15 AM (3:15 AM by my body’s clock).

I am hoping, for obvious reasons, that the flight to Seattle and then to Juneau goes smoothly tomorrow. I’m due out at 8:30 AM, and I’m flying Alaska Airlines, which is a dream come true compared to the odd amalgamation/disaster of an airline that is United/American.

The reactions that I get from people when I mention that I’m going to the Hammer Museum are, by and large, amusing. The best one came from a bike mechanic at my former workplace who said, “WOAH. That’s AWESOME,” pulled up the website, got really excited about a miniature ball-peen hammer he saw in a photograph, and said, “I have one of those!” It just goes to show that there’s a museum out there for everyone, so while it may not be the largest, sexiest museum on the planet, the Hammer Museum exists for a reason. On Mysteries at the Museum on the Travel Channel today, there was a segment about the possessed doll at Warren’s Museum of the Occult in New England. So, you know, if you think a museum about hammers is quirky, you ain’t seen nothin’.

Phoenix has been lovely, aside from the occasional worried comment from my family about me being eaten by a bear. There have been two rounds of delicious Mexican food, a pool, an insistent terrier named Molly, a 60 inch television, a piano, and lots of time with my grandparents and parents.


Shrimp and mango quesadillas, anyone?

2014-05-14 06.36.52

Molly’s just sad she can’t come with.

So no matter what happens, I’ll be departing for Haines a full and happy woman (though with a slight cold as a small souvenir of the East).  Jokes about hammers aside, I’m really, really excited about the opportunity to co-run the operations of a small museum for an entire summer and, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

By the way, for those of you who asked–no, I still don’t know my mailing address, but I will be  happy to receive letters once I do! I will also be sending postcards to anyone who feels like giving me their address.


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