Last summer, after spending 7 consecutive summers in the D.C. humidity, I promised myself  that I would go elsewhere in 2014. As a person prone to extremes, and as someone with a general obsession with the North, I decided that Alaska would be a good place to go. After poking around a bit, I landed a (paid!) museum internship at the Hammer Museum in tiny Haines, Alaska.

I’m also a second-year graduate student working towards an MA in Museum Studies, and I’m lucky enough to be fulfilling my lust for adventure and earning credit for school at the same time…



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Wandering Dawgs

    Last summer we spent several nights in Haines at Oceanside RV Park. We spent almost 2 months traveling all around Alaska in our RV and Haines was our favorite place. And of course we went to the Hammer Museum and we have t-shirst to prove it!


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